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Change Your Handwriting: Change Your Life!

  • A self-exploration adventure to discover the treasures of your personality.
  • Topics include: self-concept, self-deceit, self-discipline, will-power, fears and phobias, goal setting, reasons for failure and much, much more.
Handwriting Can Tell A Tale
Do you live in the past? Discover some of your fears and defenses… Also bring us some of your writing, an open mind and we'll discover the roadblocks. Then we'll learn the ways to tear down the walls and move into the wonderful future.

Ethics and the Criminal Mind
Examine some infamous people's writing... OJ Simpson, Ted Bundy, Robert Blake, Johnny Carson's crazy fans, Jack the Ripper

Attention Children: Do NOT listen to Your Teachers!

  • Ignore your teacher's instruction on "perfect handwriting"
  • Changing your child's handwriting, will create Higher Grades, Better Behavior, and Happier Kids!
Love Lies in the Handwriting
  • Show me the handwriting and I'm in a position to reveal that person's inner makeup.
  • Differences in handwriting between two lovers can lead to incompatibility.
Live Entertainment

Have your guests "blown away" by the accurate insights and funny commentary of a master certified handwriting analyst. One by one, I will reveal hidden personality secrets of your guests in a fun and delightful manner…just from a sample of their handwriting!

The rates for live appearances are as follows:
1-2 hours: $150 per hour
3-4 hours: $125 per hour
5-6 hours: $100 per hour

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"We are a very eclectic group of women with varying backgrounds and perspectives but one thing we share, as evidenced by our dream group, is a curiosity and appreciation for all that life has to offer. I think that handwriting analysis is just one more layer of understanding...another window into our inner selves and others that we wouldn't otherwise have. Betsy is a wonderful teacher. She has an incredible amount of knowledge and experience yet she is able to explain things in a very perceptible way. She is warm and witty and is able to make the class entertaining as well as informative. I highly recommend exploring this fascinating and revealing subject."

Midge Woods of Woods Financial
Chesapeake, VA

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